February 18, 2005


Passing By

It is interesting how many non-Muslims tend to interpret Shiite belief and rituals from the rumours and perspectives of the ones that hate them the most (i.e., the Sunnites). My friend Shiites don't mourn and flagellate themselves as remorse for not helping Imam Husain as Sunnites claim. They do it to sympathise with the suffering of their Imam, his companions and children who died fighting the worst tyrant of the time and the womenfolk who were taken captive after their death. The battle of Husain lives on as long as there are terrorists and tyrants. Those who behead innocent people today follow the tradition of those who beheaded Husain and his companions.


What split the Muslim nations into two was not the murder of Husain. The murder was the result. The split occurred when the first and second Caliph Abu Bakr and Umar denied the caliphate of Ali and killed his wife Fatima (the daughter of Muhammad).


I quote from the article, "Unwilling to simply overrun and slaughter so prominent a personage as Hussain, Yezid's men instead waited for ten days, depriving the Imam's followers of water while slaying his warriors one by one with arrows or single armed combat."

This is contradictory to all historical records of the event. The killing of Husain and all his followers took place on the day of Ashura from morning till midday. It is the ritualistic mourning that is carried out for ten days before Ashura. The reason Husain and his followers were not slaughtered on the first day they arrived in Karbala was only due to the fact that Yazid's main army had not arrived for battle and the battalion that was already there refused to kill him. In fact the commander of that battalion, one by the name of Hurr, joined Husain and was killed fighting to defend him.


Thanks to the above posters for exposing the lies in the article written by steven vincent.

Steven, my friend, you have a tragically wrong view about shia and azadari.

Thanks for trying though.


When the judgement is weak,the prejudice is strong. This is all I will say for the most vulgar summarisation of such a sacred event. It proves the sheer shallowness of thought in observing and documenting. It looks like a case where the author is ceaselessly querulous and bellicose. He never defends anyone or anything if he can help it; if the job is forced on him, he tackles it by denouncing someone or something. I wish the ill-informed author had taken the trouble of searching facts before plunging. Because when a writer writes about a historic event, complete responsibility of RECORDING AUTHENTICALLY lies with him. Facts are facts and will not disappear on account of his likes. Where facts are few, experts are many! This is an old problem but one should not forget that facts are stubborn things, and whatever may be peoples wishes or inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence!!!
Unfortunately the recipe for perpetual ignorance is to be satisfied with your opinions and content with your knowledge. There is no greater mistake than a hasty conclusion. You can rarely see things from the point of view of realism because you look at the facts through the screen of an impression or an interest which distorts your view; and then there are age old cultural prejudices....
I believe we should take things as we find them: and not attempt to distort them into what they are not. We cannot make facts. All our wishing cannot change them. We must ONLY use them!!!
He should have realised that there is a vast difference between judging a certain situation from the eye of a mere observer and documenting the real cause leading to a particular event.


Well, the Sunni propaganda machine is in full swing. Unfortunately, there is little we can do to dispute so called "historias" like this joker Steven Vincent. The problem here is the basic fact that white people believe their version of the truth is that-the truth. Vincent sounds like a high school kid writing an essay for a class project-there is simply no intellect in the posting for anyone to seriously discount this moron.

So I say, Vincent, dude, you need to get a "real" edumacation, idiot!

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